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  1. GREAT !!!!!
    Bises à vous 2

    • Hi…love the photo of the lad with the baseball hat…like the blur in front and behind…can I get that effect with my 18-55 lens…only goes to f 3.5 ? thanks ian

  2. great website, and what an interesting journey you have ahead of you. am on RTW trip as well, although not so long as you, about 8 monts or so. best regards and safe trip, jarno.

  3. Hi Jarno, just been reading your blog for 30 minutes. Very interesting and valuable information, thanks. Hope you resume on posting more ;) Travel safe for the rest of your trip !

  4. How did you find 50mm summicron ?photos looked good
    I;am looking to buy a new printer,my old one given up on me,thinking may be an Epson only need A4 max
    have you any thoughts on this?
    Regards Peter

  5. Thanks to you :) I just bought myself a Hexanon 60/1.2 and can’t wait to test it out how it would fair against Leica Noct.

  6. I really enjoy your site & get a lot of inspiration from it – in fact, I have listed it as one of my favorites at my blog I would love it if you could take a look at my blog and give me your thoughts. AG

  7. Hi
    I’m studying architecture and I’ve really become aware of photography – especially street photography. I am looking for a new camera that can be used for this. Leica M9 is a little too expensive for me. Have you tried other cameras that are recommendable for street photography?
    Thank you

  8. Hello Yanidel, I’d love to get the email you sent Kristian as my question is the same and I’m the market for a worthy companion for the streets of Miami.


  9. hey i randomly came across your page- and I must take 2 minutes to tell you how i think it is absolutely beautiful. I have indeed found a lot of inspirations for my own art!
    I just want to let you know that people are indeed looking and please keep doing what you are doing- the world need more zealous artist like you :)


  10. Hi,
    Came across your site while surfing for information about leica’s, very nice site, found your articals very informative and great pictures. I was wondering how you post process your images. I like the tone of the pictures. Keep up the good work.

    Best Regards

  11. Hi Yanidel.

    I watch your web. It´s great. I have one question. You colours are excellent. Can you tell me, what is your postprocessing? Thanks a lot.

    Have a nice day.


  12. Dear Yanidel :
    I’m sorry to say that the photos rank up there with the “our vacation” photos from aunt Emily and uncle Sylvester. After a while it gets to be too much. Photos taken with expensive cameras do not necessarily make interesting pictures.
    Basically there not bad but definitely and certainly as dull as mine, which I admit are of interest only to me and my dear ones (debatable even in the latter case),

  13. Sorry again. My previous comment showed the wrong name, it’s Brosius; had my fingers on the wrong keys.
    Well meant greetings

  14. Dear Yanidel,
    hope you and the trip is going well… I justed wanted to send you a quick email to let let you know that i just came across your website. And im really enjoying it, I love the pictures you take, and its something I try and do my self… however not to the same standards as you + _ +
    Your website is very inspiring.
    All the best!

  15. Good, very good at times, other times… not so . I especially liked your Istanbul series, being a fan of the city, and Ara Guler ))  The Paris series is too sugar-coated with the leica glow, methinks…
    Glad to see you have great gear that is put to rightful use, different from shooting lens tests. Rock on!

    • Thanks Basil for your comment. Ara Guler -> the master ;) As for Paris being sugar-coated, well that is why people visit Paris for in the first place, isn’t it ? And on a sidenote, it is also the pictures that sell most too.
      Cheers, Yanick

  16. …apologies if you rec'd 3x emails (same-same content ! ). didn't appear to be 'sending' . (+ still can't see my email. not game to re-do it again.) 

  17. (OK that x1 worked – so others have not). Just wanted to say… 'Many thanks' for sharing your photos, info and passion. I also spent time this year in Mumbai/ India. (hubsband 'toiled'. I idled thru streetscapes, camera in-hand).  MUST recommend you visit (next trip) ShangHai ! The chinese sense of community, work, wit, quirky lifestyle choices, people in older lilong areas, parks + on the street … great subject matter. Then there's … bling-NEON (lights 'turned off' @ 10pm) – eclectic street sculpture, architecture + purpose-built venues (for FUN, Worship + Learning) – all visual delights. Sadly we're exiting S. If you do come + need ground-zero info (it's a big city) a brilliant  photog group ("ShangHai Exposed") with it's engaging + fearless leader (Darrell J Lew) are fun.        Your Leica's will "Thank" you !!

  18. Hello
    i'm journalist at Tour Hebdo and i want to use one of your picture in my magazine because i'm making an article about the Russian tourist in France. I want to know if you accept. You name will be on this picture in the magazine;
    best regard
    Stéphane Jaladis

  19. Hi, my name is Evi and I live in Athens, Greece. 
    I LOVE your photo "Kids and flowerw by the Seine" (or "Race py the Seine"?) and I' d like to have it in high resolution. Could you please contact and inform me if I can get it? 

  20. Hi Yanidel ,I enjoy your site and the pics but I am wondering are you working in Argentina has a photographer.
    Regards Peter.

  21. Hi Peter, no I don't, I just sell photo from my archives for the moment. Cheers. Yanidel

  22. hi, I'm your colleague from Moscow, I'm also a photographer, but working in another field. Still I'm the owner of the site for girls, and we wrote a post about the trip to Paris, but the beautiful photos we have. I found you on Google and want to place them on our site. Would like to ask for your consent to the placement of photos. Now I will follow you. Your photos unrealistic cool!!! Thank you for your attention!

  23. Felicitations pour la naissance de votre fils !
    Le notre (lui aussi mi-argentin mi-francais ne en 2012) se prénomme Alexis Ferdinand…suggéré par mon épouse (en plus de photo j’ai été fanatique de Porsche plus jeune).


  24. Great works. I just dont understand how you go all around te EARTH EXCEPT AFRICA???

    • Good question, because I had visited part of it already and we thought it was close enough to Europe to be done on shorter trips afterwards.

  25. Hi Yanidel!

    Trying to enquire about permission for “A few notes under the Tower”. I would like to use an abstract version for a single album cover. Sent you an email and facebook with images. Please let me know your thoughts!

  26. Hi Yanidel,

    Saw your shots at Pagudpud (northern part of the Philippines) they were all great, mind if I ask you on which settings you used? The shots you took using the Fuji X10. I want to produce the same image quality and sharpness when I get there. Thanks!


  27. Picked up a Leica M9 recently for street photography and have been looking for easy to read info about focus techniques. This is my first rangefinder. I stumbled upon your post “Manual focus technique”, and it is perfect; the best I’ve read. Just added you to my list of photogs to follow. Thank you and best,

  28. Salut Yannick,

    I’m writing from Switzerland – and I would write in French, but my English is way better…
    Some time ago you announced your second book about your “80 weeks around the world”. I am looking forward to it, since you first wrote about it and I was wondering, if you are still working on it. I can imagine you have even more things to care about, then when you came back from the trip, but it would still be absolutly great, if you managed to finish it. :)

    Best regards

    • Hi Oliver,

      Actually, I did print a sample of the book but I wasn’t convinced. I thought I needed to let some time go to look at the picture with more calm and find a cohesiveness. I’ll do the book one day but right now, I have so little time to devote to photography unluckily.
      Thanks for asking.

  29. Hi,

    Great site and photos. Since you’ve used both the Leica X1 and the Sigma DP3 Merill, could you provide us with your opinion of the two compared, and maybe a comparison of the two for fun, shot by shot?

    Do you think that the X1 could be quite 2D, flat and “digital”.


  30. I died and went to heaven. Tellement merveilleuse cette site web. You are truly a window into the world. Thank you for doing this.

  31. Welcome back! I’m a great fan of your work and I missed your posting – it’s usually a great start to the day!!

  32. Bonjour

    Ma modeste participation à la photographie de rue:

  33. Hi! I love your pictures :). Thank you for sharing! Elina

  34. Wonderful. I love your photos. I think you show great handling of the Leica and its possibilities. Congratulations.

  35. Love your work and visit your blog everyday! Just want to know your opinion on leica m240 over the m9 in terms of color rendering since you exclusively shoot with m9 ?
    Thank you

    • Hi Milo,

      I have never shot with the M240 unluckily so I cannot give you an objective opinion. The M9 is good enough for me, especially the way I shoot. Most of the technical improvements of the M240 are not useful to me. Cheers

  36. Hi! I liked the picture of "Photographer of Notre Dame". When you took the picture?
    Maybe it's me. I always take pictures. With tripod and under the cloth. My name is Andrey. I'm a photographer from Moscow. I liked your pictures of the streets of Paris. Translate through the online translator.


  37. Hi Yanidel,

    I am a commercial photographer based in L.A. and Manila. I wanted to add your site to my blog list of photography websites I personally recommend. I recently got addicted to "Street Photography" and your website is one of my primary source of inspiration.

    You can visit my blog by clicking this link: please check if you would be willing to allow me to link your site to mine. Take care.


    Atom Magadia

  38. Dear Yanidel
    I came across your beautiful photos of India and would like to feature them on my blog (with credits and link back to your page).

    is this ok?

  39. Dear Yanidel,

    I am currently studying photography as one of my GCSE’s. We are currently studying you as part of our photography. I was wondering what inspires you to do this line of photography (street photography) how you first started your journey into photography and how it brought you to where you are now. Also if you could please give me some beginner camera settings one should use whilst takings pictures.

    Many thanks,

  40. I was bowled over by your pictures Aaron, a real breath of fresh air!


  41. Dear Yanidel,

    this is Tom NY, USA I admire your work especially your colors
    I have M240 with Summilux 50mm f/1.4 but my color results are way different with you :(
    did you do some color edit process ? if so, can you please tell me the processing

    from huge fan of you

    • Hello Tom, thank you. You probably won’t be able to match the colors since the M240 is CMOS and the M9 is CCD, it makes a lot of difference in the output.


  42. Hello
    Love your blog and photos. I’m no expert on photography; in fact, just a beginner, so please excuse the query and not using the correct terminology and jargon. Your pictures have an interesting colour to them, like the colours are desaturated, almost monotone. Is this to do with post-processing or are you using a certain picture setting or filter in your camera. Thanks.

  43. Hey! Love your work! Do you still live in Rosario? I live in Buenos Aires and it’ll be great to meet you someday to talk about street photography and Leicas.


    • Hello, yes, I still do though I am currently traveling in Europe. Let’s meet some time. Cheers.

  44. Hello .. I admire your work .. Do you offer educational sessions and if yes where. Thanks

  45. hellow.
    i am from Iran country. and i am really fascinated with your works and photos that are all wonderful. i am a beginner photographer and i ‘ll be happy that send you the couple of my works and i like to know your opinion. if you like just aware me. thanks a lot.

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