Dec 122012

It seems that every time we arrive in Argentina, the town's rival football clubs meet in the regional league finals. Two thousands people pack the local stadium but the atmosphere feels like a pro game. Raucous chants, insults and even street fights make sure fans are busy before the first whistle. Anti-riots forces suddenly charge two bands of fans that inadvertently meet outside the stadium. A gust of tear gas hits our tribune and leaves us all crying. The core of the supporters finally get to the stadium entrance and some try to force the fences to avoid to buy tickets. Policemen chase them armed and block the attempt.

Everybody is finally in, the battle is over and the game can start.

All pictures with Leica M8 with 35mm Summicron IV

  4 Responses to “The rivals II”

  1. Great series! You are obviously in the thick of the action. I see you are using your M8 but can't tell which lens.  Were there other photographers in the crowd? When the mood gets tense do the people see you as a harmless fan taking photographs or perhaps as someone gathering evidence? I'm just wondering what you perceived any threats because you were taking pictures.

    • Thanks, lens is 35mm Summicron IV. No other photographers, this was just a local game. People did not care much about me taking picture and I was accompanied by people that are well know by the fans. As for policemen, it could be an issue but I snapped fast and faked I was shooting something else. Cheers.

  2. photojournalism, great series.

  3. You are learning fast on how to shoot down here, Yannick…;-)

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