Nov 092011

One sometimes it only happens in movies, but our engine failed in the middle of the Australian outback. Hopefully, a cowboy stopped to help us. He climbed on the top of his truck to get just enough signal to call the rescue services. Next town was 30km and only had 71 inhabitants. And for sure, no mechanic.

We finally made it this morning to Emerald after a 150km on the tow truck. Hopefully our van will get repaired soon … not too much to do here.  (click on picture for high res)

Sigma DP2 at 40mm at F2.8, 0.4s, ISO1600

  8 Responses to “Stuck in the outback”

  1. dp2 doesnt look too bad here with iso 1600.

    • It is what I thought too. Surprisingly, there was no color shift which is usual at ISO1600 (especially the magenta and green patches).
      Probably because of the lighter sky. As for noise, the Sigma DP2 does actually not that bad at ISO1600 and with some noise reduction from Lightroom, it is more than decent. Cheers.

  2. I’ve stayed in Emerald. My wife’s father was born there. Hope it’s treating you good.

    • People were nice to us, as always in Australia. Now Emerald is not the funnest city on the continent for sure ! Cheers, Yanick

  3. No post – though I thought: Hope all is ok.. and finally it is.
    Take care!
    Ciao Axel

    • Thanks for worrying Axel ;)

      If I don’t post on a given day here in Australia, there are basically two options :
      – no connection
      – I got bitten by a snake.

  4. superb shot Yannick. Very graphic.

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