Apr 012014

So I made the list of “10 Most Influential Active Street Photographers” on streethunters.net

Evidently, influential is not equal to most talented and of course, this is the internet, anybody can come up with such a listing any day. Nevertheless, since there is currently no such thing as the Great Council of Street Photographers to grant a Yearly HCB Award, I’ll humbly take the compliment. I think it reflects on five years of sharing a daily picture, as well as all the experiences around it, be them failures or successes.

(PS this article also shows one of the main drawbacks of publishing derisive selfies on the internet. They stay forever. I will now have to deal with the reputation of a permanently drunk street photographer)


Mar 302014

… still a few years before its first heroic feats. (click on picture for high res)

I took some snaps at my hometown Carnival this afternoon with the Nokia 1020. I must admit that action shots were quite a struggle, there is definitely a steep learning curve with this camera.

Batman begins Yanidel

Nokia 1020, F2.2 at ISO100

Mar 282014

It had been a long time I had not succombed to the desire to buy a new camera. And I still have not. No, instead I bought a phone. And I am stunned by its image quality, which is very close to my Leica X1 (if not better … heresy!).

That is it, I’ll no longer need to carry a phone and a camera on a daily basis. My camera is now my phone.

Welcome to the Nokia 1020.

(evidently, the Leica M9 will remain my main camera when out specifically shooting street)


Nokia 1020 with accessory camera grip mounted.

Pierced ears Yanidel

Nokia 1020 – very first street shot.