Jun 212013

Three weeks into my new dad job, my street photography output has definitely been reduced to close to zero. Indeed, the little one did not allow me to spend much time in the streets. Nevertheless, I am not completely idle and have taken the opportunity to make some order in my archives and think about some short and long term projects.

One of them is a street photography book on Paris. Actually, I already printed a few of them, but they are only drafts. I am pretty happy about the last one but still, it is not at the quality level I want it to evenutally be one day. So I have decided to wait: one year, two years … ten years, who knows. I don’t want to feel my book is good, I want it to be excellent. Yet to make it excellent, I need more pictures and to get more pictures …. I have to travel to Paris. So the news is that we will travel to Paris in October. And probably every year afterwards … until the book is complete. What a good excuse to make the trips last until 2023.

Paris terrace friends Yanidel

Paris – Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F5.6, 1/90, ISO160

Jun 202013

When a lot of damage has been done, reconciliation becomes a long and curly road. (click on picture for high res)

Reconciliation yanidel

Paris – Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F2.8, 1/500, ISO160

Jun 192013

Once you leave downtown Rosario, streets look pretty much the same all over the city. This is a typical street corner, mix of Spanish colonial architecture and the wide avenues of the New World. (click on picture for high res)

street corner Rosario

Leica X1 at 24mm, F8.0, 1/250, ISO100

Jun 182013

It is never easy to post a picture of a Ford Falcon without risking to hurt sensitivities. It is indeed deeply associated to a dark period of Argentina’s history. Yet I also do find it a fascinating car, and can’t help imagine B movies stories whenever I see one at night.  (click on picture for high res)

Back Ford Falcon

Leica X1 at 24mm, 1/60, ISO1600


Jun 162013

It is often not advised to buy a Leica if one of the main use is to shoot his kids. Now I understand why. But still, it is feasible and its limitations might lead you to frame outside of the box (in the first sense evidently).  So this morning I mounted the 90mm Macro Elmar with close up adapter on my M9. Quite a challenge and difficult to get sharp shots, but who cares, it is all about the moment, isn’t it ?

Mathis and mom Yanidel

Leica M9 with 90mm Macro Elmar at F4.0, 1/25, ISO800

Jun 142013

Two weeks already have gone by since I became a father. And I haven’t posted since then. This is one of the first learning of a first time dad, it does not really let you time to do anything else. I still have my camera with me all the time, but 99% of pictures are about that little thing that keeps you up late at nights. But don’t worry, this blog ain’t gonna be the next  cutebabies.com

Still, I miss a lot shooting in the streets and will eventually get back to it very soon.

Ok, I promess, I’ll get back to real stuff soon ;)  (click on picture for high res)

self portrait cafeteria yanidel

Self-portrait – Idle street photographer – Leica X1 at 36mm, F2.8, 1/40, ISO1600