Aug 172013

At some point, his little eyes will be able to the world from window level. And I hope he gets to see as much as we did in the last few years.  (click on picture for high res)

Mathis window car

Nokia N8

Aug 162013

If dogs had a say about their masters’ moves, it would probably be a resounding no. Or maybe they do have a say.

(Sign says “For sale” in Spanish)

not for sale yanidel

Nokia N8

Aug 142013

As suggested by a reader, and since I haven’t much time to dedicate to shooting lately,  I’ll dig into my archives and post new pictures from our 2011 round the world trip. I also link back to some articles I wrote at the time regarding each destination.

Two years ago we were in Cuba. In our first days in La Havana, I had the pleasure to meet local street photographer Orlando Garcia.  I then wandered the streets of the capital for several days and was amazed by the amount of kids playing in the streets. I guess there is definitely some good to a Playstation free world. (click on pictures for high res)

Cuban riders yanidel

Friends play Habana Yanidel

scooter girl Habana yanidel

Girls phone booth habana yanidel

kid trolley habana yanidel

All pictures with Leica M8 and 35mm Lux Asph

Aug 132013

Like many artists, Mondrian might have gotten his inspiration by walking in the streets. (click on picture for high res)

Mondrian Yanidel

Nokia N8

Aug 112013

I finally got my Argentine driving licence this week. It took me two days and though the local administration is kind of odd, they are definitely very helpful people. The best part was probably when I inadvertedly parked (driving with my Swiss driving license)  in the wrong way in front of the Road and Transit administration. A policeman kindly made me aware of my wrongdoing and I could not help answering “hey, that is what I am here for, to get my driving license”.

(click on picture for high res)

Falcone San Martin Yanidel

Rosario – Nokia N8

Aug 092013

It is election weekend in Argentina. Each town will elect its municipal council and half of the National Chamber of Deputies will be renewed. The current government is at risk and there are high hopes it will be defeated, bringing more balance between the government and opposition.

Argentina is quite a young democracy and sincerely, it shows. I get puzzled almost daily by the latest news. So I thought I would comment now and then on some of the odd things that come to my attention.

As for today’s picture, taken in front of my city town hall, it seems that the forces in the shadows are already at work. Still, let’s hope that this will be a fraud free election.

election weekend argentina

Nokia N8