Dec 302013

I felt in the middle of a movie when I spotted this scene. I am not sure it would have an happy ending though. (click on picture for high res)

odd Miss Red Yanidel

Leica M9 with 24mm Elmarit at F2.8, 1/350, ISO160

Dec 182013

Who will show you the right way ? Your eyes or your subconscious ? (click on picture for high res)

separate ways Yanidel

Leica M9 with 24mm Elmarit at F2.8, 1/3000, ISO160

Dec 162013

Not much shooting and not much posting lately. This is mostly due to the fact that we spend most of our time at our weekend house by the Parana River. Indeed, the current heat wave makes it unbearable to stay in the city. Only problem here (well, not so sure it is a problem), lack of stable internet connection. To cut it short, whenever I don’t post … just think of me fishing by the River …. (click on picture for high res)

Hot steel yanidel II

Leica X1 at 36mm, F5.6, 1/250, ISO160

Dec 132013

Seems that Orange, Yellow and Red arrived late that day.  (click on picture for high res)

colors luftballoon yanidel

Leica M9 with 24mm Elmarit at F4.0, 1/750, ISO160

Dec 112013

When cold days hit Paris, dragons leave their nest to haunt the dark alleys of the capital. (click on picture for high res)

dragons smoking yanidel

Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/500, ISO160

Dec 102013

These are dark times for Argentina. Police forces of various provinces have gone on strike. While their demands are mostly valid, they cowardly leave all citizens to themselves, leaving the cities free to gangs of looters. The government once again remains mute and let the looters act as most of their electorate belongs to the low income classes.

The picture below depicts the Casa de Tucuman, where the declaration of Independance was signed almost 200 years ago. I am sure that Argentina’s founders would be quite ashamed if they witnessed what their nation is going through.  (click on picture for high res)

casa tucuman yanidel

Leica X1 at 36mm, F8.0, 1/500, ISO100