Apr 162013

Some street photographers believe that one can shoot and publish anything as long as it is legal. Others believe that some scenes should not be shot, or at least not published without the consent of the subject portrayed. In the later case, the concept of Human dignity is often mentioned, or in clearer words : shoot and publish whatever you like, as long as you respect the Humang dignity of your subjects.

Of course, the question becomes than “How do you define Human dignity” ?  There is evidently no clear answer to that as it might vary a lot depending on your cultural background and personal character traits. What migh seem acceptable to one, might be dismissed by another photographer.

So, I propose we have a look at the picture below taken last Saturday in Rosario. What is your opinion in this regard ?

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Does this picture respect Human dignity ?

broken nose rosario

Mar 152013

Though I suppose that most readers of this blog are especially interested by street photography, we all have other interests, be it portrait, landscape or why not, reportage. Let’s discover this week what is that discipline you especially enjoy aside from street photography.

As always, no registration is required to vote and no personal information is transmitted to this website.

Favorite aside from street

I do enjoy to take portraits of strangers when the opportunity arises as in this Cochin shot, waiting for the rain to stop under a blue tarp.

As for the previous poll “How do you hunt the streets ?” (181 voters), 80% of you prefer to wander aimelessly in search of shots while the other 20% wait patiently in a selected location.

Feb 042013

Do you only use the light that the street gives you or do you sometimes need a little help from a flash ? Or maybe, flash is simply part of your work routine for a special effect. Flash or no flash ? (use the comments section to provide more insights on the reasons why you might or might not use it)

flash street

I myself never use flash. I prefer to look for situations where I can take advantage of natural light, and anyways, it would be awkward to mount a flash on a Leica, no ? ;)

Paris – Leica M9 with 35mm Lux Asph at F4.0, 1/750, ISO160

As for the previous poll “What ISO sensitivity do you mainly use to shoot street photography ?” (407 votes), ISO400 pulled out slightly ahead of ISO200 with 31% of voters (to 26%). Probably a good compromise, especially for film shooters.

Jan 072013

Holidays are over so the weekly columns will resume. Let’s start by having a look at the ISO sensitivity you mainly use while shooting street photography. Evidently, one might change ISO’s (or film) as light conditions differ, yet what is your go to setting when you hit the street?

ISO sensitivity

I love how clean the Leica X1 files are at ISO100, yet ISO200 is a more versatile setting to shoot street.

Dec 112012

Some prefer to hit the street alone to concentrate better, some need to chat and compete. Are you the old lonesome shooter or the social one?

alone or accompanied

Natalia and I shooting in Florence in 2010. Picture by our friend Miguel Teixeira from Lisbon during a RFF forum meeting.

As for last week’s poll, “How many days a week do you shoot street photography” (150 voters), it looks like most of us are casual and weekend shooters (67% of respondents shoot one or two days a week). Unluckily, there ain’t many pro street photographers job openings out there.

Dec 032012

After basically 24 months of shooting whenever I wanted, my street time will drastically fall from now on. What about you, how many days a week can you dedicate to shooting ?

how many days a week

I am back to work, shooting whenever I want is over – Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F2.8, 1/500, ISO160

As for last week’s poll “Film or digital for street photography” (229 votes), 70% of participants shoot digital. No surprise yet the number of film shooters ended up higher than I expected. This is great news.

Nov 262012

This week’s poll is as simple as it gets. Do you load your camera with film or a memory card before hitting the streets ?

film digital

On my side, digital is a must to run a daily blog and I love the flexibility it gives in post processing colors.

As for last week’s poll “How many lenses do you take on a street photography outing ?” (260 respondants), I was impressed to see that 53% of voters take a lone lens on their outings. Another 37% of respondents opted for two lenses only. All in all, while many photographers own quite a few lenses, most of them stay at home once they go on a shoot.