Apr 212014

Grab the truck, head to the Parana River, drink a mate at sunset, and who knows what might be up next?

PS: My old Epson R-D1 made the trip back to Argentina with me. A fantastic camera, maybe the best digital rangefinder ever.


Epson R-D1 with CV 28mm Ultron at F4.0, 1/2000, ISO200

Jan 142014

We are spending a week holiday on the Atlantic Coast close to Mar del Plata. A favorite destination for families for Summer holidays. Even dogs get to go. (click on picture for high res)

selfie mar del plata yanidel

Leica X1 at 36mm, F5.6, 1/500, ISO100

Jan 072014

In these times when many stores got looted in Argentina, any kind of security will do. One has got to be more effective than the other, and the answer might surprise you.  (click on picture for high res)

the guardians yanidel

Leica X1 at 36mm, F2.8, 1/30, ISO1600

Jan 022014

I spent a day in the Hell of Buenos Aires three days ago. With temperatures above 40 degrees and road barricades by angry neighbours (protesting against power outages), it took us three hours to cross the city. It did allow me to take a few snaps from the passenger seat (click on picture for high res)

the girl in Palermo Yanidel

Leica M8 with 50mm Summicron at F2.0, 1/350, ISO320