Jan 232013

I know you are not supposed to take pictures at your own wedding but since it was a small gathering and my Leica X1 is so tiny, I could not resist to take a few snaps. And obviously, since I was the groom, I got pictured myself doing so quite a few times. I tried to give a street photography feel to some of the pictures, but it wasn't easy, especially one the candid side.

Finally, all my thanks to Florence and David from Switzerland who took these pictures (using a Fuji X10 and Canon GX1). They are currently on a round the world tour and visited for our wedding. You can follow their adventures on their Facebook page (in French).

  13 Responses to “The shooter shot #4 : Shooting my own wedding”

  1. Congrats on the wedding, Yanick. Please give my warm regards to Natalia :-).

  2. Congrats Yanick!

  3. Congratulation Yanick.
    I better understand your discretion these last days …

  4. Félicitation,
    merci de nous faire part de ce grand moment 

  5. Congratulations, and nice pictures!

  6. congratulations. Next stop honeymoon :) Nice seeing you in action with your X1.

  7. Congrats, bless you two.

  8. Congratulations!  

  9. Congrats Yanick and Natalia. You guys look really happy. : )
    Warm regards,
    Rico & Shiela

  10. Thank you all for your wishes, deeply appreciated.

  11. Where are the official wedding photos… Translation –  I want to see the bride! :-)

  12. Oh yes.

  13. Congratulations and you're excused to shoot your own wedding.

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