Jan 112013

This series depicts a shoe shiner taking a break in Rosario and is an example of the shooting “from the hip” technique. From the hip because I aimed without looking at either the LCD screen or viewfinder of my Leica X1. Indeed, I absolutely wanted candid shots from this man and neared within one meter of him. To get the shots, I let my arm hang along my leg and aimed towards him (he did not notice my camera at any point). The main difficulty of such shots is usually to keep a straight horizon line and compose well (your hips ain’t no eyes, are they ?). Also, I opted to shoot at F2.8 in manual focus which added distance estimation to the challenge due to the resulting thin depth of field. All in all, the only parameter I had some control on was timing since I coud see the man’s expressions from above.

Finally, I don’t enjoy taking “sneaky” pictures such as these yet it would have been impossible to get a candid if I had kneeled in front of him. I would probably have gotten the horizon line straight, yet the man would have either smiled or shouted at me. Less interesting in my opinion.

 (For better viewing, click on the first picture and go through the slideshow)

1 2 3
4 5 6

What is your opinion, which picture do your prefer in this digital contact sheet ? (and feel free to explain why in the comments section)

Shoe shiner

  11 Responses to “Digital contact sheet #3 : The shoe shiner”

  1. like number 5, it's telling me more story how the old man just didn't care to people passed by, enjoying that smoke while crowd surrounded,

  2. I chose #6 because in the other pictures the background elements weren't helping the photo. The last is the cleanest and strongest, though his experissions in the others were interesting.

  3. I will choose 6 if the man did not look at the camera straightly. Among the other photos,I prefer 5.

  4. Yanidel could you pls kindly share some experience with the ps?I have x1 as well but it never gives the color like in your photos. Thanks.

  5. In my opinion, the second image shows the man who is totally at ease, unashamed of his attitude nothing hygienic.

  6. My favorites are three and five because of the body posture, expression, and framing. Image six is ruined by his notice of the camera.

  7. #4. position wise and the cleared background makes him stand out. I thought you were really tall! If you let your arm hang around your leg it still very tall. How long were you there anyway?! It looks as if you were there for over half a minute. You understood very well how your subject would not notice what you doing in the first place. 
    Good to see you having fun with your X1, again. 

  8. And you, YANIDEL, which one is your favorite ?

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  10. I think 4 gives room for thought, a man wondering where his next meal is coming from.  I like 6 but it just looks more posed not as free as your normal style all are good 

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