Dec 132012

Beauty certainly helps to resist arrests. At least half way. 

Note that this is exactly the kind of picture that one could strongly regret to have taken. Had I been spotted by the cop, I could have gotten into trouble. Yet, I could not resist. Also, this picture was taken by my Nokia N8 smartphone. I did not take any camera along since I was working. With its 12 mpx, the N8 is still the best camera phone out there apart from the new 808 Pureview.

Nokia N8 at 1/180, ISO100, 16:9 format

  2 Responses to “Hands up”

  1. Hello Yanick,
    no comment here? I wonder!
    For me a keeper again.
    "compartida, la vida es mas" (for the other readers, it may translates to: "shared, life is more") …
    All works together here. 
    The blue cold on the left, the warm more on the right.
    Cheers Axel

  2. When I was in Athens in sep this year,I was surrounded by 5 european guys in the metro at 6:30 am and they took my mobile phone away. I followed them and shout police,finally the policeman appeared in the exit and one guy gave the mobile phone back.

    It is really a risk travelling alone in some places. I’m from China.

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