Dec 112012

Some prefer to hit the street alone to concentrate better, some need to chat and compete. Are you the old lonesome shooter or the social one?

alone or accompanied

Natalia and I shooting in Florence in 2010. Picture by our friend Miguel Teixeira from Lisbon during a RFF forum meeting.

As for last week’s poll, “How many days a week do you shoot street photography” (150 voters), it looks like most of us are casual and weekend shooters (67% of respondents shoot one or two days a week). Unluckily, there ain’t many pro street photographers job openings out there.

  4 Responses to “Weekly poll #10 : Alone or accompanied, how do you prefer to shoot street photography ?”

  1. 2 blogs ;) ? Cheers!

  2. I like to walk alone. It's relaxing.

  3. I like go out to shoot with my wife, but sometimes I do it alone.

  4. I did a photography workshop in Athens recently..A non photography friend came along and walked around with me each day..I thought I would value his company but actually I couldn't 'zone out' and be creative at time be brave and go alone.

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