Oct 292012

It is Monday again and already time for a new poll. Today’s question is straight forward, looking at your preference in terms of film or post-processing. As always, feel free to add any further comments on your choice in the dedicated section below.

Color b&w

Evidently, today’s picture had to be posted both in colors and B&W to make sure there is no bias in the vote ;)  It was taken by the Arch of Triumph and for once, I did ask for permission.

Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F1.4, 1/2000, ISO160

As for last week’s poll “What is your favorite focal length for street photography?” (275 voters), it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see both 35mm and 50mm basically split the top of the ranking with close to 80% of the total votes. The 40mm and 28mm focal lengths came in third with 8% each of the votes. On a side note, there is one street photographer out there that uses a super wide (<21mm) lens and enjoys it. Kudos to her/him.

  11 Responses to “Weekly poll #5 : Do you shoot street photography mainly in colors or B&W?”

  1. I'll explain my vote, which is colors. I think our eyes do see in colors so somehow it is a more realistic representation of the world out there. Moreover, colors add another dimension to pictures since they can be combined.

    This being said, I absolutely love B&W street photography and most of the books I own are in B&W.

  2. Personally I like to let the decision come organically from the location I'm shooting in, rather than impose one myself arbitrarily. Not all places are very colorful (streets, signs, buildings, architecture, cars, people's clothes) and not all places have a light that enhances colors. Being located on the east coast, BW is a natural choice for me, given the light and general appearance of the cities here, however when I was in San Francisco, color was so obvious it imposed itself naturally there

  3. Sometimes B& W underlines that is important in the photo and is diffused in color gamma. Sometimes the color richness is that is important, so it depends of individual case, thetas why I choose 50/50

  4. I personally believe that God give us color vision for a reason and even though I love b&w street photography, I shoot color most of the time (98%). 
    It would be also interesting to hear from you (Yanidel) as you shoot most of your pictures in color as well and what happens to SOULS blog as a supplement to your paris photo blog before. Why did you decide to shoot photos for your latest works.

  5. At home I tend to shoot B&W and thats mostly due to film choice (B&W is easier and cheaper) but when I'm traveling I tend to to shoot more color and digital photos. Hence 50/50.

  6. Digital colour, film B+W

  7. hi yanidel,

    guess nowadays one would shoot in RAW and work it out in either color or b&w depending what's best in the given situation :-)

    To answer your question, maybe 50:50, without the conversion stuff as jpegs, besides light / contrast when the camera makes a mistake by recording.

    concerning your pic, i don't like any version of it, the composition is weak.


  8. I went to Athens in March with my wife and decided to take a leap (this was only our second international trip), by switching my camera to B&W. I shot our entire trip day, night, indoor, outdoor, rain and shine like that and I must say I was amazed. We're visiting Paris in Feb 2013 and I'm searching for reasons to change it to colour. I can agree that colours in spring and summer is vital, however I find that B&W aids to the dramatiation of the colder months. just my, inexperienced opinion… 

    • I guess we all interpret B&W and colors in different way. There is no right or wrong about it, just find what best expresses your personal vision.

  9. Color is actually harder to use than B/W, my opinion.
    I use and prefer color,doing mostly.The color problem is matching colors..
    See Costas Manos who does it better than me! Once you start by matching,blending,your on a roll.'Course you still gotta frame,sense and push button at right moment!

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