Oct 282012

I took the two following pictures this afternoon on the shores of Lake Geneva. At first, I thought I would only show picture A due to its clearly identificable human presence. Indeed, one of the key attributes of street photography is the presence of humans and the way they interact with their environment.

Yet, I'd be curious to know your opinion on picture B.  (as always, you are welcome to elaborate on your answer in the comments section)

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I'll reflect back on this with some insights on these shots in a couple of days.

Picture A)

Picture B)

Both pictures taken with Leica M9 and 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/4000, ISO160

  9 Responses to “Street or not street ?”

  1. Hello Yanidel!
    This is an amaaaaaazingly captured photograph though I would vote for this as a landscape without any doubt!
    Also, you are just WOW, one of my favourites :) Thanks for all the inspirations xoxo! :D
    – A fan from India :D

  2. Even if I didn't know that you are primarily a street photographer, I would consider pic B as landscape.  Now I'm asking myself if pic A is really a street photograph.  I know it has the attributes of a person and a public space and a certain mood, but it's harder to define a picture like that.  And again, pictures can have the essence of street with the absence of people … thinking of some work by Richard Wentworth, Frederic Lezmi, Josef Koudelka, Nils Jorgensen, Matt Stuart and many others.  Yup, definition is difficult, but to be really a street photograph I think it must be primarily urban.  But then there are great beach pictures that are street.  My mind goes round in circles!  Look forward to your insights.

  3. Looking at those two pictures, none of them strike me as street photography.  The main reason is that when thinking of street photography, I think urban, and those two pictures strike me as rather rural.
    I voted landscape for pic B, that's the closest, and sure, it fits the bill for me…  Pic A, I'd call "scenic" if anything.  There's a lot fo emotion there, there are more ways to interpret.  But street?  Naaah, not in my book.

  4. Even if there is a human presence in photography A, I believe that both pictures are landscape. 

  5. "Street" is in the eye of the beholder :-)

  6. Streetscape?

  7. I would say landscape…. as well as picture A.
    In my opinion not every picture with a person has to be a streetphoto as well as not every streetphoto has to contain a person :)

  8. A) Street photography;
    B) Landscape.

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