Oct 162012

Discover your level of street photography knowledge by taking the 10 questions quiz below. Read carefully the questions, some are not as easy as they might seem.

Click on Get started and do not hesitate to share your score in the comments section. (Note that no registration is required to take the quiz and answers are kept anonymous)

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Good students get their grades posted on ads in India. Would be part of them if attending the Street Photography Academy ?

Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F8.0, 1/500, ISO160

  15 Responses to “The street photography Quiz”

  1. 6/10, but one randomly… I need to work more ! 
    Thanks for this test, it was fun ! 

  2. 7/10, not bad ;)

  3. I think you have the wrong anser for Daido Moriyama. I pickled high contrast and the quiz said "wrong .. over exposure is not … (forget the rest of the sentence).
    A fun quiz though.

    • Went back to check the test again .. not sure if you changed the question or I mis-read it, but now the question is what is Daido NOT known for. I thought it read .. what is Daido known for …

      • Guy, no I did not change it, you must have misread ;)

        Actually, my wording is mis-leading since I use a double negation in question and answer. The idea was : "your Answer is wrong -> this is is the good answer". Is that clearer ?

  4. Google is my friend again: Flo Fox has not only "naughty pictures" but also street shots from NYC on her website.
    Inge Morath was a Magnum member and the wife of Arthur Miller. Thought that the first name you gave was a trap.
    Agree with Guy on Daido.
    Fun quizz, specially the answer you gave for Cardiff :D !

    • Using Google to answer is cheating Simon ;)  

      As for the traps … I'd have fallen in them too if someone else had written them. !


  5. 7/10! Higher than I thought!

  6. Aw i got the lowest 5/10. Great quiz though

  7. I am disappointed to see no 10/10 ?  And probably a few 1 and 2 that did not dare posting ;) 

    6-7 out of ten is already excellent since a few ones were quite tricky.

  8. And many thanks for the name Raghu Rai. 
    (Knew an Inge but unfortunately never a Greta. That's why I was positive about Mrs. Morath – Miller's first name). 
    Yet for Flo Fox and Raghu Rai I checked google, I admit :( .
    Very, very impressive photographer indeed. You set this logic fact in proportion for me: looking for pictures from India, it's very likely to find the best ones made by journalists-artists out of the 1.2 billion inhabitants of India.

    • I guess it is a general rule. If you want your street photography known, you also have to be a reporter. Think about all the Greats, most of them were reporters. Once they reached fame through reportage, then their street photography was discovered.

      I am sure that there were / are a lot of other talented street photographers in India, but none got the exposure that Raghu did through is reportage work. Cheers.

  9. 8/10. Great quiz Yani!

  10. Fun quiz. i thought i knew it all, well some, perhaps a little..gotta go, Zombie Walk here in Big-T. Toronto,Canada.

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