Jun 082012

So our trip as always come to an end. Of course, www.yanidel.net will go on afterwards and I have quite a few interesting projects coming up. Yet, I am also wondering about the direction to give this blog in the future. So instead of taking assumptions based only on my personal perception, I thought it would be much better to ask readers about their preferences.

It would therefore be great if you could take a minute and answer the few questions of this poll. No login is required, your answers will therefore remain anonymous. Feel free to add any comments in the section below. Thank you for your participation!

Note that multiple answers are possible.

  37 Responses to “Poll on the future of www.yanidel.net – please give your opinion”

  1. You could also write something more about places you visited and discuss those you would still like to see. Plan the next journey! :)

  2. It is wonderful to hear that your trip has come to a successful end without any troubles, without you encountering any of the war zones that were created in this 80-week period, and that your commitment to continue the knowledge exchange is unabated. I feel strongly against the product reviews and I think they don't mix well with the approach to photography one must have (besides there are enough review sites for that). The articles I really enjoyed reading were the ones where you reflect on the techniques and thoughts in street photography. I liked a lot reading interviews that are on this topic.
    Where are you going to settle after the trip? 

    • Well, hope it will be the same for the last 20 days we have in India ;) 

      As for where will settle after the trip. I keep it as a surprise … but it won't in Europe! Thanks for your input Konstantin.

  3. Hello Yanick,

    After voting the current standing does pretty much show my opinion – Street Photography Articles at 90%.
    I really like that your blog is not much related to equipment, as this usually takes away the attention from the 'beef'…

    Ciao Axel

  4. Besides the blog, are you thinking of publishing a book about this project?

    • You mean a book on street photography or on the trip that is ending ? I have thought about the book, just need to find a theme / story.

  5. I agree – gear reviews kept to a minimum unless it's really related to SP and is out of the ordinary i.e. no thanks latest Leica, yes please something affordable, unique and remarkable. Apart from this, I'd say keep it much as you are doing – don't go the way of other street photography blogs which have gone bad recently i.e. don't: get too big headed; don't write articles that are so loosely connected to SP, that they are meaningless (10 things pom-pom making can teach you about SP etc); do keep it simple and practical with easy to remember tips, but also one or two advanced thinsg to keep interest levels high; don't worry if you need to find a sponsor, we won't mind as long as it's not too in your face; do keep it friendly and welcoming and engage with us, your readers from time to time…….

  6. My vote is cast :)
    But I'd also add don't do gear review, it's overdone on the web, especially Leica related, and I think your photography is much better than for you to focus your blog on gear. Just my opinion.

  7. Hi Yanick,
    I've been following your blog/trips by RSS feed. Always a pleasure to see your wonderful, colorful and well-composed pictures. I hope that working on a book is on your todo list. Why don't you involve your readership in selecting (part of) the pictures. I could imagine that would lead to interesting discourses.
    I agree with others that your blog is too precious in terms of truly photographic content to dilute it with reviews. This seems to be reflected very precisely in your poll. Good idea to do this poll by the way!
    Cheers, Mike

    • Thanks Mike. Good idea on the involvment of readers to select the pictures. This is not easy though because a picture might work or completely fail based on the story or context or what comes before and after. See the discussion on The Americans a few days earlier. 

  8. Street photography articles and keep documenting your trips, whether they are weekend escapades to a foreign land or day trips to a town or park an hour from wherever your house is. I doubt you'll become reclusive every weekend at home!
    And as pretty much everybody has said, please don't turn this into another gear centered blog preaching how cool Leicas are and how they are the best (and this comes from a digital and film Leica user!). The subject is overdone.

    • No Leica preaching, understood ! But rangefinders are cool, right ? I can say that ;)

      I have a few trips coming up this summer, so I'll definitely not stay at home. Thanks.

  9. You've been photographing at so many places.
    Why don't you give location tips on these cities (where to go exactly etc.)?
    But still loving your blog as it is now! :-)
    Thanks, Yanick

    • Hi Ralph, I did that while Paris but sincerely I think you need to stay a few weeks in a city to really get a feel of where and when too shoot. It would be too superficial. I'll write an article on India for sure.


  10. Yanick,
    I love the spontaneity of your blog and voted for the last option.  I'd say don't weigh yourself down with too much ballast besides your splendid photographs.  Keep yourself free from the burden of having to write about certain topics.
    Just my two cents, I'll be happy with whatever you offer as long as you don't stop sharing your world in pictures-

    • Merci Merisi ! (sounds better in French doesn't it ? ;) )  Some articles were indeed a burden so I'll just focus on what  I like. Taking pictures and writing about street.

  11. I would second (or third!) anyone else who has said don't do gear reviews. I read Eric Kim's Street Photography blog a lot as well as this page, and it's disappointing how frequently he talks about gear, even if it's just to say that gear isn't so important. We all know it is, but that reviews are better left to review-only sites that can go into all the kinds of pixel-peeping that I skip. I love your photos and want to see more of them, and how you took them, that kind of thing.

    • Hi Christopher. There is a temptation on the internet to write about gear because it drives a lot of traffic. Yet, I believe it is one time only traffic. And really in the end, one does not know if people come to see the pictures or the reviews. That is why I wrote very little on gear and will not in the future.

  12. I also voted for the last option only, but as I now see the overall results, I must say I agree with them. I enjoy hearing about  your approach to your work and it would also be interesting to see other's work. 
    John d

    • John, I believe that the last option kind of says the same think as the majority of votes for writing mainly street photography articles. I think it is what I have done up to now. Cheers.

  13. Hi Yanick, I feel half and half by your news… Sadly your trip is ending but I'm happy you've got new project and as I already told you, I can't wait for a book or two around your trip ;)
    For your site, I agree with all the comments. No need of another gear related website with "crazy comparizons". I think your specificity is not on gear but in photographs and practice. Critiques and sharing talents is a good way to promote street photography… And why not creating events, contests for virtual (or IRL) exhibitions on monthly basis or every 3 months?
    Thanx for your work (and pleasure) Yanick, I'm definitely a huge fan ;)

    • Merci Philippe ! Some good ideas there. Contest I am not sure because of the high subjectivity it means, but maybe a type of virtual exhibitions could work. I'll give it more thoughts.

      As for gear, no more, understood ;)


  14. I like your articles about street photography and would love to read interviews of other (street) photographers.

  15. Hi Yanick – I think the reason many like me keep coming back is because you have the right mix now – I do think your photography is a cut above many others and is always a worthwhile read. Whilst I agree it is not necessary to do more gear reviews than you currently do, I think the balance you have now is about right with a few reviews here and there. This s one of the reasons I bought my Nokia N8!
    One thing I would love you to do is to share your processing techniques – However, I suspect that you will keep this to yourself.
    Best wishes, Tony

    • Hi Tony, I hope you enjoy the N8. Did you upgrade to Symbian Belle ? I find it just perfect with that OS.

      Processing techniques … this is a tought one. I am not very good at it, and basically use a couple that I always apply to my pictures. These are secret defense ;)


  16. Hola,la verdad es que te sigo tanto en tu blog ,facebook .. portofolio ,este ultimo me parece  mas personal,y me encanta!! disfruto viendo tus fotos asi como  leer tus articulos o comentarios sobre ellas,y tambien me parece interesante poder descubrir el trabajo de otros, pero en realidad te dire que ya sea haciendo un libro ,o  sea cual sea el camino que tomes ,mientras sigas publicando tus fotos y podamos seguir viajando contigo con tus fotografias ,estare encantada ,porque ese es el motivo ,la foto y a mi en particular me gusta y me interesa tu trabajo y tu vision de la vida o de las gentes y las cosas…
    un saludo,Pilar.

    • Gracias Pilar. La fotografia mia siempre sera la parte central de este blog porque empezo asi hace mas de 3 años. Pero a veces me digo que puede cansar asi que vale hablar de cosas mas generales (siempre con respecto a la photographia).

      Llegaran muchos mas viajes ese verano, a seguir ;)

      un saludo.

  17. Occasional reviews of, or insights about, gear that you actually use would be quite interesting.  Frequent reviews that discuss the latest thing on the market would not be interesting as there is enough of that on other sites.

    • hi Zlatko. I think it is what I'll will do. But for the moment, I am "stuck" ;) with the Leica M9 for a long long time.


  18. "I have a few trips coming up this summer…"

  19. A classic one is part of them ;)

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