Mar 262012

Here is a series of pictures of people at work in the Pune neighborhoods. Identifying their job is straight forward in most cases, yet can you guess the jobs of the men portrayed in the last three pictures of the series ?  Answers can be found in the comment section.

Guess #1 …… ?

Guess #2 …… ?

Guess #3 : …… ?

All pictures taken with Leica M8 and 35mm Lux Asph

Mar 252012

As I mentioned before, it is pretty hard to walk down an Indian street without taking any portraits. Many people want their portrait taken and sometimes you have to shoot the whole family before they let you go. I feel I am becoming a street portraitist. Daughters, brothers, or mothers, I don’t really know who is who, but they surely know how to pose in front of the camera.  (click on pictures for high res)

Leica M8 with 35mm Summilux Asph

Mar 242012

Let me first apologize to this brave man. He invited me to have a coffee in front of his house, but I could never pronounce his name and he spoke no English. I therefore elected to call him Marcel, as wink  to his tank top (which translates to “Marcel” in French). Marcel lives in a very humble neighbourhood. Yet after I took a few pictures of him, he shouted towards his house and a kid brought … a laptop. He wanted to have copies of my pictures. Sometimes appearances mislead. The pictures below were taken in Marcel’s street, a glimpse of India’s everyday life. (click on pictures for high res)

All pictures taken with Leica M8 and 35mm Lux Asph.

Mar 232012

As a kid, I would play football for hours with my friends. As soon as school finished, we would head to the field. In India, there aren’t that many places to play so the street is the playground. And I was surprised to see the amoutn of  kids playing marble. No Playstation here, luckily. The street makes the best friends, real ones, not online avatars ;)

As for the little sister, she can’t play, but ok, she can be in the picture.  (click on pictures for high res)

All pictures with Leica M8 and 35mm Lux Asph

Mar 222012

There aren’t many countries in the world where wearing bright yellow clothing is very popular. India is an exception (with Brazil on football game day …) as you see it all over the street. A pleasure for the eyes, and quite photogenic. (click on pictures for high res)

All pictures taken with Leica M8 and 35mm Lux Asph

Mar 212012

Early morning is the best time to be out there shooting. Workers head slowly to their workplace, street sellers prepare a few quick breakfasts and kids walk to school. Of course, there is always a dayd reamer that prefers to stand there, contemplating the slow rise of the sun.  (click on pictures for high res)

All pictures with Leica M8 and 35mm Lux Asph

Mar 212012

PhotoVoice is a charity that raises money to fund projects with marginalised communities, and helps them communicate through the power of photography. Below is their press release announcing the coming up sale of prints in favor of the organization. One of my pictures will be available for sale, as well as the ones of well-known street photographers. So don’t miss this opportunity to acquire a great print and at the same time help people in need. More to come in the coming weeks.

The Street Collection
a sale of affordable street photography in support of PhotoVoice

Sale runs: 18 – 25 April 2012
work can be previewed online from 4 April 2012.

Street Photography has been enjoying an extraordinary renaissance in the last few years with a raft of dedicated publications, festivals, magazines and exhibitions. Now leading practitioners from across the world have come together to offer their work in an online sale to raise money for the charity PhotoVoice.

The Street Collection includes beautiful, dramatic, comic and moving images that capture the energy and idiosyncrasy of everyday life on streets across the globe. 500 prints will be available at just £100 each. This is a unique opportunity to buy outstanding street photographs at an affordable price. Many of the prints available are well known but have never previously been available for purchase.

Participating photographers include: Nick Turpin, David Gibson, Maciej Dakowicz, Nils Jorgensen, Mark Alor Powell, Arif Asci, Stephen McLaren, Mimi Mollica, Polly Braden and Ying Tang. The sale is curated by Sophie Howarth, co-author of Street Photography Now (Thames and Hudson, 2010).

Buyers will be able to view all the available photographs online at from 4th April. Online sales open at 10am on 18th April.

©Maciej Dakowicz

©Shin Noguchi