Jan 062012

Let’s go to Poznan, Poland, today and have a look at this shot from Elyane Moulin from Switzerland.

Taken with Leica D-Lux

This is what Elyane wrote about her shot :

I took this photo in June, 2011 at the Station of Poznan. I waited for the train which had to drive me to Cracow when I perceived this couple which said itself “goodbye” on the platform. I often wondered why they parted….

Discover more about Elyane’s work here : http://www.elyanemoulin.blogspot.com


  4 Responses to “Your favorite 2011 picture #32 : Elyane Moulin”

  1. That's a very nice image, and even though they look old I feel like seeing 2 young people saying each other goodbye.
    — Woods

  2. Très belle image, pleine de poésie !

  3. This is what is called a story telling photograph ! Nice shot Elayne.

  4. The man's face, the woman's hand…great image that leaves me wanting to know more.  

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