Jan 012012

Six more months to go, time is flying now.

Round the World bundled airfares make this kind of trip much more affordable. Yet at the same time, your destinations need to be set before you depart. When we planned the trip, Japan had just been hit by an earthquake and we decided to leave it out of the itinerary. Indeed, at the time, nobody really knew how the radioactive hazard would evolve.

The situation being under control and us being so close to it, we decided to modify our itinerary to discover the country that was in the top three of our wish list. We will therefore be in Japan for January 9th to 23rd. The downfall of this change is that we won't go to Malaysia. This will be for another time.

But before Japan, Hong Kong is next for a week. Flying out today!


  2 Responses to “Trip update – Hong Kong, then Japan.”

  1. Good news ! I can't wait to see what you get from Hong Kong and Japan.
    Any plan to come to China ?
    — Woods

    • Hi, no plans to go to China since the visa paperwork was too much and can’t be done from aboard. Anothe time I guess. Cheers, Yanick

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