Dec 142011

Let's discover today this shot taken in Brooklyn by Jorge Quinteros (click on picture for high res)

Nikon D90 with 85mm F1.8

Jorge, who describes himself as a "Traveler and Avid photographer based in Brooklyn", wrote the following about his shot :

With this photograph, I could have very easily walked in front of the older gentleman, taken a devaluing shot like this and kept it moving. I’m unaware of whether he was homeless but from the angle in which the aforementioned photograph was taken, I could have given the impression that he was because of how I chose to present him.

One of our jobs as photographers is to explore and find different angles in which we can best represent what captivated us to something in the first place, especially if it pertains to a person. I like to think we should treat them with as much photographic reverence as possible. To do anything less would be disrespectful. For this photograph, I felt the only way in which I could illustrated that I wasn’t looking down upon him despite his demeanor was to kneel down as far as possible.

With candid shots like this, one way of being unobtrusive is stay at a specific spot long enough so that people stop paying attention to you. I sat for 15 minutes at an apartment building entrance until he eventually stopped looking my way and continue his activity of people watching.

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Dec 132011

My home country, Switzerland, will be our host today. So let's head where the action is, that is Zurich, where this shot taken in July by Ralph Burkhart

Leica M8 with Summicron-M 35mm f/2 asph

This is what Ralph wrote about his picture :

My name is Ralph Burkhart and live in Domat/Ems, Switzerland. That's in the Swiss Alps, in the canton Grisons. Mostly I do my street photography in Chur, the capital of canton Grisons, but this picture was taken on July, 13th 2011 in Zürich, Switzerland. I was visiting a very inspiring (but now closed) exhibition of Henri Cartier-Bresson in the "Museum für Gestaltung" on that day ( After the exhibition I took a walk through Zürich, where I found this situation at a boat bridge on the Limmat river.

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Dec 132011

Located one hour West of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are a weekend favorites for city dwellers. The landscape is stunning and the mountains do indeed look blue (due to a chemical process involving Eucalyptus trees). Still, some visitors seem to have a hard time relaxing straight away. (click on pictures for high res)

Note that the panorama was taken using the X10 special panorama function. Works pretty well, though obviously not for pro usage.

All pictures taken with Fuji X10

Dec 122011

Let’s discover a film photography today, taken in August in LA by Sergey Shakarian.

Leica M6 and 50mm Summicron on Fuji Neopan 400 @400 and developed with DDX

This is what Sergey wrote about his shot :

I took this photo on a second G+ photowalk in Venice Beach in Los Angeles, CA at the end of August 2011. I had only brought 2 rolls of film for entire walk and only shot 1 – 24 exposure roll. We were walking towards a corner and the light turned red. I was actually intending to take the photo of the blond womans on the left side back when the Meryl Streep look alike turned around. I quickly pressed the shutter, then the light turned green and we were on our way. I did not realize how much she actually looked like young Meryl until someone else mentioned it to me. So there an accidental photo.

Dec 122011

The summer does not be willing to come here in Australia. Over the last 6 days, we have been basically stuck in Kiama waiting for the weather to improve in the Blue Mountains. Tomorrow will be our last chance.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed the peaceful life in this small town by the sea. Not much happening here, but sometimes it just feels relaxing this way. Next week in Philippines will surely be quite different. (click on pictures for high res)

Picture 1 and 4 with Leica M8 and 35mm Lux Asph. Picture 2,3 and 5 with Fuji X10