Nov 302011

I don’t intend to write a full blown review of the Fuji X10 but for the next few weeks, I’ll post pictures and talk about the qualities, defects, quirks of the X10 as I discover them. Of course, the focus will be in the X10 use in street photography since it is usually not covered in reviews.

Today, let’s talk about depth of field and the resulting out of focus, or bokeh. The Fuji X10 has a 2/3″ sensor so it obviously will not be a bokeh machine, yet, you can achieve some at the long end of the zoom range.

The following pictures show the out of focus that one can achieve at 112mm and 55mm wide open. In the first case, the man was standing at about 2 meters from me. In the second picture, the kids were sitting at about 1.5 meters away. This is by no way the type of out of focus you’ll get with a fast lens on full format, but the X10 is probably the only P&S that does allow some blur at distances of one to two meters, which are typical of street photography.

Fuji X10 at 112mm, F2.8, 1/125, ISO200

Fuji X10 at 55mm, F2.8, 1/120, ISO400

As for wider focals, even at F2.0, there will be basically no significant out of focus in your shots. Unless you somehow achieve to do “macro street photography”.

Note that the pictures did not go through my normal color processing since the results working with JPG are not acceptable. I’ll have to wait for the next update of Lightroom to work with Raw files.

More to come in the following days.

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  1. HCB is “credited” with the quote that “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept”. Perhaps, bokeh is also bourgeois or at least over estimated in photographic tastes. I think the human eye is approximately f8 in 35mm terms in regard to out of focus effects. I try to mimic that sometimes in hope of achieving a “natural” photograph e.g. shooting at f4 on a four thirds sensor camera. I would be interested in your thoughts.
    Thanks for posting X10 pictures – it will be interesting to see what you can do with it.
    Regards, Jeff

    • Jeff, this is a quote I had read before. I’d say it depend on your personality. Are you someone always looking clearly at what is happening around you ? Then the 35mm F8 rule way is probably correct for you. Yet I am a day dreamer and usually only perceive moments, impressions of what is going around me. For that I think that using out of focus background recreats pretty well the world how I experience it.

      Cheers, Yanick

  2. As long as it can make some background blur I would be ok with the X10. How is it with low light/ high ISO?

    • Hi Thomas, low light is surprisingly good for such a tiny sensor. I have been using it up to ISO1600 and while not perfect and noise free, it is still ok for street photography. I’ll write on this topic in the coming days.

  3. Very nice b&w shots, lovely shot of the thoughtful man.
    I’m interested to hear what you think of the camera. I’ll leave the M9 at home and take a p&s with best poss af and iq on a Moroccan cycling trip, I have a little gas for this one.

    • Hi Lucy, it will be absolutely great for travel,as long as you don’t expect M9 quality. This is still a P&S and ergonomics are never as good as a M.
      Cycling trip in Morocco, that sounds a lot of fun, enjoy ! cheers, Yanick

  4. Nice shots – and thanks for the samples. I have also posted some samples – including low light and high ISO samples… up to ISO 3200.

    See what you think:


  5. IMO good bokeh with so small sesnsor ! 

  6. wonderfull work, started latly with street photography and also use an X10, i’am invisable.

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