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Indeed, color photography is the best, here is why :

– because God did not create Man with black and white vision.

– because life is not all black, nor all white. It is mainly in between.

– because you can transform colors in B&W, but can’t do the reverse.

– because of Quentin Tarantino and Kar Wai Wong.

– because light browns work so well with orange. A grey is a grey.

– because Benetton would have gone bankrupt without colors.

– because the fifties are long gone, get over it …

– so are the forties …

– because B&W photography was never an aesthetics choice, but a technological one.

– because HCB, Capa and Frank could not afford color film.

– because any shot can look good in B&W, yet it takes skill and taste to match colors together.

Obviously, I am joking here, I am a big fan of B&W and most of my library is made of B&W street photography book. But admit it, this shot below would have never worked in B&W. ;)   (click on picture to enlarge)

Leica M9 with 50mm Summicron at F2.0, 1/1500, ISO200

  12 Responses to “Why is color photography the best ?”

  1. Another great write-up!

    Just curious – how many photos do you take on average per day? And how’s the M9 holding up so far?

    • It really depends, some day zero, others 100, and most often 20-30. Today I went to Rosario for a whole day and came back with 60. I did edit on the fly though.
      My M9 show brass under the plate and in the edges. The paint of the button is going away. It is 15 months old and I always have it with me. So I guess it is normal…

  2. Yes :D !

  3. Another one smile with a lot truth in it…
    Let me add: Also the guys seeing only BW or Colour are thinking BW ;-)

    BTW: HCB had a lot thoughts on colour, but did not go that way as he thought it’ll become too difficult, as he added all the colour theory of a painter to it – at least I understand it like that.

    Ciao Axel

    • I had read that about HCB too in his biography. Amazing B&W photographer that indeed though it was too late to learn colors. He did a lot of drawing too, without colors if I recall correctly, and with less success.

  4. It used to be a technical debate, today it’s only an artistic one seeing we have the choice. I think it’s mostly a choice, governed by your environment and your own vision, some people “see” in BW others in color, it’s a form of expression after all, the trap in my opinion is to draw lines where there are none.

    • Jerome, you are fully right, this is why I wrote it for fun, to make fun of the color or B&W extremists. Whatever one likes better, but useless to say the other is not as good.

  5. If that shot wouldn’t work in B&W doesn’t that prove a good B&W image is more difficult?

    • Not if it was taken in front of a B&W processing lab and the girls were dressed in dark and light colors ;) Some shots work better in colors, some better in B&W. Finding the shots that suits one the best is what is difficult I guess.

  6. beautiful image. 
    Enjoyed your comments and sense of humor. Thanks. 

  7. Arroy “Color”…..B/W would never work for this…..
    Great shot

  8. Very good reasons for not shooting in B&W even if you are just kidding. I rate myself as a very low grade amateur but I just don’t like black and white photos. It’s like listen to recorded music in mono or watching vhs movies instead of blu-ray or using candles instead of electric light bulbs.

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